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Commission Structure:

We believe in straight forward commission structure. A Straight commission is a form of recompense paid to sales reps after each sales transaction. Under this payment structure, sales reps do not receive a salary; instead, they earn a percentage of their sales. Each company controls its own percentage structure. This recompense structure is ideal for sales reps who want to break into the business. Because sales reps do not receive a salary under a straight commission structure, companies are less inclined to fire sales reps for failing to meet their quotas.

When you sign up with us with our affiliate partner program strategy, we will give you 35% commission on each through your website. This is undoubtedly a big percentage for a newly affiliate program website.

Commission Withdraw Policy:

For every affiliate program, there should some commission withdraw policy. Here we are not different. We have also some commission withdraw policy for our business purpose. With our policy, obviously, you will gain the most importance. Our commission withdraws policies are:

You can withdraw from you affiliate program earning when the amount is over $100 or equal to $100. Below $100 you will not be able to withdraw your money.
We use most trusted and secure payment service and that is PayPal. With it, you will get hundred percent security when you going to withdraw your money. So, you don’t be so much tensed on the payment policy.

Besides when you deal with us for the affiliate partner program we should follow some criteria to provide your affiliate statistics. Because, here we will only provide the tracking result on the basis of your request for the result.


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