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Better Understanding About The Dark Web

Dark Web - Webtady

Dark Web - webtady

The Dark Web – Better Understanding

In today’s modern world we can’t think a single moment without the power of Internet. It is a kind of blessing for modern world. The power of the world biggest network started its journey in 1989 by an English scientist Tim Berners-Lee. From that time being, it is known the World Wide Web, that in short WWW.

Internet is the vast network system. A huge number of information stored on Internet. Everyday millions of people access millions of information. Generally, what we the general user access the general content of internet but this is not the complete version of internet technology. A lots of amount content, even 400-500 times more content on the internet hidden from the general users. That cannot be accessed directly or through search engine. This part of internet known as Dark Web.


What is Dark Web?:

Dark web is a kind of World Wide Web content that actually hidden in darkness or exists on darknets. Though it also can be access by public internet but for accessing this, people need to an additional or specific software or configuration. Another important thing is, these web contents are not indexing by search engines. So, general user can’t get authorization to access it directly from their browsers.


How Data Hidden in Dark Web:

Every search engine creates an index, that helps for searching specific data what are stored on websites or other online resources. But the search engines are not stored the data that stored on the Dark Web. Because it can’t be seen by the search engine AI. Those AI has some bindings or incompatibilities and technical hurdles to completing such kind of indexing.


Purpose of Dark Web:

Actually, the main purpose of the Dark Web is not positive. It is used for the Darknet marketplace. This marketplace is so much popular to the criminal and other terrorist organizations. They use Dark Web to communicate with other terrorist or criminal group over the internet by sitting different location on earth.


The most successful anonymous marketplace on Dark Web is Silk Road. It is also the first successful anonymous marketplace. It is founded in 2011. It an online buy sell platform like Amazon/Ebay for criminal to buy and sell illegal goods (like Guns, Drugs) with the use of bitcoin. A bitcoin is a digital currency that is untraceable.


Currently this site is down. It was shut down in 2013. After shutting down an exciting information break out on the FBI news portal about this site.


According to the FBI, “Silk Road, the market place had accumulated 1,400 vendors and 957,079 registered users. It had brokered more than 1.2 million transaction worth $214 million.”



How to Access the Dark Web:

To access the Dark Web is not a difficult process. Different types of software can make it possible to access the Dark Web. One of the most popular software is Tor. It’s a web browser Bundle. Go to www.torproject.com and download the browser bundle and install on your PC to access the Dark Web.


Please noted that, you need to be careful while browsing the Dark Web. It is believed that, you were being monitored while you are browsing the Dark Web. Besides, it also recommends to place a tape over your webcam for prevent you from monitoring.

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