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What is Cloud Hosting? Cloud Hosting Principals with Details

Cloud Hosting webtady

modern Cloud Hosting - Webtady

What is Cloud Hosting? Cloud Hosting Principals with Details

The world is running. It is running faster than we think. It is going to be run as fast as possible. The whole thing depends on the innovative technologies those have already exist or going to be happened in near future.


Cloud hosting is one of the most innovative technology based on Cloud computing. It is a technology where the unlimited number of computer or machines perform as one computer system. Besides Cloud hosting, there are others hosting solution which have already exist. One hosting solution is shared and other is dedicated. But those solutions are depending on only one machine. So, it is a safer and guaranteed security from the cloud hosting as it run by many servers.


A Little Bit History:

The whole cloud hosting is divided into numerous number of steps or phases. It includes the computing grid and utility criteria, ASP(Application Service Provision), and SaaS(Software as a Service).


The total idea was first introduced in the sixties by J.C.R. Licklider. He was one of the person who worked the development of ARPANET(Advance Research Project Agency Network).


He thought that, we need a network that can make an interconnected relation to everyone and also be authorized programs and data from any website, from anywhere. In technically, it is a globally interconnected system.


About the vision of Licklider, the product marketing director at AMD Margaret Lewis said that, “It is a vision that sounds a lot like what we are calling cloud computing.”


How Cloud Hosting Works:

To know the work process of the cloud hosting, the best example in today’s world would be point to the mighty Google. Google is the world giant search engine who has billions of resources that distributed over thousands of cloud servers. It will be more clear that, a user never face that the downtime of Google in the past decade.


The power of cloud server that helps to perform very specific tasks eventually any server in cloud is down or stop working. When it really happens, the other servers are ready to provide the backup service and deliver the user results that user really want to know.


Cloud Vs Internet:

Actually, these two terms have a lot of difference. The whole network thing we called it Internet whereas cloud is a very tiny piece of the internet. Here internet works as one macroscopic cloud system by the help it a user can see the cloud hosting idea more precisely.


But the on similarity is that, both of the Internet and cloud hosting are invented for the grown out of an essential connection between all humans over the world from the different places.


It is not so far that, people from the different location can control the data flow to and from the cloud more easily and time consuming process. It helps the global internet hierarchy that connect and share data, thoughts, stories, idea and discussion more broaden angle.


Cloud Hosting, what you actually need to know:

In the web, there are thousands of cloud hosting providers. Each of the provider serves their best service to their customers. Digital Ocean, Host Gators are the most popular and common in cloud hosting services. But besides these, there are also others service providers.


Before take a service of cloud hosting, a user must need to know some key features, that helps himself to take a right decision what a user really want for his/her business or personal use.


  • Instant deployment
  • A healthy amount of memory
  • Flexible controlling with cPanel, root access, and SSH logins
  • Performance faster as like SSD speed booster system
  • Managed cloud hosting features


Above all of the things you must know and be conscious before take a service of cloud hosting platform. Besides all of these, you should be aware of the costing system.


Basically, the cloud hosting service starting price from $15 up to $100+ from reputed hosting service providers.


Disadvantages of Cloud Hosting:

On the above discussion,there only talking about the benefit and other things of cloud hosting service. It is common that, everything that has some advantages also has some disadvantages. Cloud hosting is not the out of this circumstances. It has several disadvantages too. The most three disadvantages are discussing below.


Overpriced:Basically, cloud hosting service is an overpriced thing. A user need to pay a little bit higher price that another hosting platform like shared or dedicated. Users need to pay higher because its own VPS options and the terms of resources and reliability.


Security Issue:It is really tough to feel that, the data a user provided is really kept in private? You shared your data in cloud space with other customers. It concern is mitigated. Because sometimes user don’t opt for a multi-tenant cloud servers than a single-tenant cloud hosting.


Management Control:Cloud hosting management is not so easy. You need to be an expertise about the manual data management system. So, if you are not that expertise, you will be running up by the unnecessary costs.


Actually, it is not the negative or totally disadvantage side of the cloud hosting. Because the user of database controlling already know that, managing a network is really like a pain, that pain feel like somebody hurt the butt so rudely.


Types of Cloud Hosting Services:

Web hosting services are divided into shared, VPS and dedicated options. But cloud hosting service is divided the following generalized categories.


Private Cloud:

Private cloud is mainly the data underlying that services are kept in private. Like, hardware information, storage, and network. All of these are allotted in a single tenant system under a client or a company.


Public Cloud:

This cloud service is works like an open source system. Here the data are open for all. All of the information under this cloud platform authorized publicly. Google Cloud platform, Amazon EC2 are the most powerful example of public cloud service.


Hybrid Cloud:

Hybrid cloud is a hosting option that mix up the public and private hosting environments. It is a powerful cloud system the is being good security system but access the public authorization. So, this cloud perform is more capitalizing on the economic benefit of public cloud resources.


VPS Cloud:

A VPS is still subject to hardware failure, whereas a cloud web server will just transfer data to another machine without the owner experiencing downtime or data loss.



Key Benefit of Cloud Servers:

Cloud hosting server is more flexible and scalable which have an extra resource that is accessed as when we needed. Besides, it is also cost effective if you are really expertise in data management system. Because, in cloud service client only pay what actually they used and when they want to use.


But most important key benefit of cloud server is reliability. For the huge number of available server user can shift their resources if some of the servers are down or stopped. This shifting also control to prevent uncertain outside affects like data loss or data redundancy.


At the End:

In today’s world cloud hosting is become more popular day by day for the primary alternative for business or individuals performs. Besides it is also more economical, safe and resourceful that can optimize users need in efficient and convenient way. That the main rule of productivity. So, in a word, it can be said that, cloud hosting will hold the future.

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